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Customer Service Is Core

by noah wittAugust, 2019

Matchup Magic was always meant to help people. A part of that vision is to make it easy to use for anyone, part of that plan is to put together a series of video tutorials that can help introduce people to how to use the application without the stress of operating any new program. I am also taking care to test every part of Matchup Magic with real people allowing me to make the program as approachable as possible. Checks represent a real challenge for teams and tournament organizers; especially when you consider the sheer quantity of checks, many events receive. Matchup Magic processes credit card, checking account, and check payments all automatically avoiding the hassles of managing funds. I also understand that many events may wish to collect funds on their own, so Matchup Magic can still provide world-class tools even if you elect to receive payments manually.


by noah wittJuly, 2019

Photo by Émile Perron on Unsplash

Matchup Magic is designed to address many of the common problems experienced by tournament organizers and league organizers; it can automatically carry out many of the most time consuming and contentious tasks like pool selection. Many organizations must carefully draw pools for balance while also avoiding allegations of bias. Matchup Magic can automatically process registrations and create pools avoiding those formalities, while still allowing organizer customization to suit the preferences of the event organizers. Matchup Magic also provides a robust communication platform. Matchup magic works to make everyone as aware as possible of the status of the event.

Matchup Magic Is under active development and if you are interested and would like to provide input as to features that you think would be important please email me at


Take your event to the next level while saving yourself countless hours by allowing us to do the hard work for you.


Avoid mailed registrations and confusion about deadlines. 


Support for nearly every event.


Results can easily be posted. 

Ready for the Unknowns

Last minute schedule changes or weather related delays can be stressful, but our automated systems can automatically communicate any changes in clear and effective ways to resolve problems fast.


Can collect team registration fees online. Using Card, Checking Account, or check. Removing the hassle of managing payments. Funds will be made directly deposited in your checking account. (some mailed in check based registration fees may be made available as check)


Schedules can be automatically generated using our versatile system that allows for nearly any type of event. Plus a clear drag and drop schedule editor allows you to customize events with ease.

Personal Support

Matchup Magic Was founded by me, a college student in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. My sister plays competitive travel softball, and the challenges I saw many tournaments face through her experience inspired me to launch this full-featured platform that enables organizers to avoid all the fuss of collecting payment and drawing up schedules. Matchup Magic even provides a robust communication platform.  All of that is topped by true personal support. Matchup Magic is brand new, and although you may be contacted sometimes by people who are not me, they will be people who I trust to provide world-class support for your problems.

Flexible Pricing

Matchup Magic can support a wide variety of use cases. Each of those cases has unique needs so we can customize our price point to your service level.